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Making The Move

What to consider when you’re preparing to transition into assisted living.

No one likes the idea of preparing to put their parents–or themselves–into an assisted living environment. But for many, it’s a reality.

The decision is hard. And the move itself isn’t any easier.

But here are a few things to consider when planning ahead to make sure the process moves as smoothly as possible.

It’s important to begin the research process as soon as possible.

Plan Ahead

Finding the right assisted living environment for yourself or your loved ones is a process. It takes time. There are a lot of things to consider when making the choice. 

That’s why it’s so important to begin the research process as soon as possible–even if it seems as if the moving date is months or years from now. Do your research online, begin taking tours, and be diligent about keeping communication lines open with your loved one to ensure they’re on board as you determine potential assisted living facilities.

Waiting Lists

Waiting lists are just a fact of life when it comes to assisted living facilities. 

It’s rare to find a spot miraculously open right when you need it. It’s important, then, to contact potential options and make sure you are on the list. If you’re interested in hearing about waitlist opportunities, please call (419) 289-1585.

Make the Transition as Comfortable as Possible

Once the move has been made and your parent or loved one is living in the new assisted living environment, make sure you’re visiting often. 

Getting acclimated to a brand new living environment is hard. Do what you can to ease the transition by visiting and offering encouragement to your loved one.

Ensure they’re surrounded by things that remind them of those who love them and bring comfort.

Home Sweet Home

To further make the transition easier, help make the apartment as homey as possible. 

Ensure they’re surrounded by things that remind them of those who love them and bring comfort. Examples include photos, blankets, small pieces of furniture, and more.

Encourage Social Events

Good assisted living facilities will have a robust social calendar. 

Encourage them to participate and make new friends. When seniors talk about what they love about their lives in assisted living, number one on every list is the friends they’ve met throughout their stay.

Keep it Positive

Maintaining positivity throughout the process makes a big difference. Your parent or loved one will adapt, eventually; and many folks in such a situation soon come to prefer their lives within an assisted living environment even more than the years spent struggling before the move. 

Be their rock and emphasize the positives as you walk with them closely through the early days, weeks, and even months of their new living situation.

This transition is going to be hard. There’s no way around it. But with a little planning before the move and positive attention to their needs both during the transition can ensure your parent or loved one is safe and happy in their new home.