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Long Term Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Focused on Individual Care and Respect

At Brethren Care Village, our Health Care Center provides personal nursing care, monitoring, and assistance with activities of daily living that many people require as they face health challenges. Your needs are our highest priority and you’ll get the care and attention you need from our compassionate, nurturing, and highly-skilled staff.

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Our Facilities

The Health Care Center at Brethren Care Village is open to residents on our campus as well as the general public, certified by Medicare and Medicaid. Personal care includes, but is not limited to, skilled services such as IV therapies, dialysis, feeding tubes, and special diet management.

Our professional and compassionate staff provides 24-hour care and offers a full range of social services and therapies.

Our Team

One of the ways Brethren Care Village provides the highest level of care for our residents is our staff-to-resident ratio and our emphasis on programming. While some nursing facilities employ staff members whose duties are more generalized, our focus on specialization ensures that our residents are continually attended to by highly-skilled staff throughout their entire experience on campus. Our culinary aids focus on the nutritional needs of our residents. Our life-enrichment staff is specifically trained to care for our residents throughout our robust calendar of special events and outings. Our hands-on nursing staff are skilled at attending to the direct minute-by-minute medical needs of residents.

Of course, our specialized staff are cross-trained to handle situations outside of their direct area of expertise should the need arise, but this unique approach means that at any given time, we have more staff on hand doing what they’ve been trained to do, creating a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable experience for all of our residents.

This staffing structure also allows friends and families of our residents to rest easy knowing that their loved ones are in great hands at all times.

How This Works

Here’s how the process works, along with our promise to every resident on campus.

The Plan:

  1. Reach out via our contact form or by telephone.
  2. Our staff will schedule a meeting and (where applicable) a tour.
  3. During this meeting, we’ll work with you to create a personalized plan for what best fits your or your loved one’s long-term nursing care needs.
  4. From there, we’ll schedule a move-in date and complete the necessary paperwork.

Our Promise:

  1. Our primary calling in life to keep our residents happy, healthy, and fulfilled across all areas of their lives.
  2. We will grow with you as your needs change. Our wide levels of available care mean you’re able to remain on campus no matter what health events or situational changes happen in your life.
  3. Once you move here, we make it easy for you from the first moment on.

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