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Chief Executive Officer Troy Snyder To Depart From Brethren Care Village

Chief Executive Officer Troy Snyder To Depart From Brethren Care Village To Serve As CEO Of A Similar Organization In Virginia To Be Closer To Family. In reflecting on this change, Snyder said, “We are blessed to have been part of such a caring community and we are looking forward to our new adventure closer to our family.”

Troy has served faithfully as CEO of Brethren Care Village (BCV) since 2013.  The impact that his leadership has had on the BCV community over those years has been profound.  Troy has brought many years of experience to the BCV campus and through his dedication to ongoing improvement and his keen eye on the future, he led the organization through many improvements.  One of the most significant visual reminders that his time at BCV will leave on the campus is the Wellness & Community Center and the Greens Bistro.  His vision for this addition and his ability to gather the support needed in the community is just one example of what Troy provided to the organization in terms of leadership and collaboration.  The Board of Directors would like to extend a great thank you to Troy for his dedication to the quality of care that the residents of BCV received under his direction.  We would also like to thank him for his service in the community of Ashland and for the leadership that he has provided to the BCV team.

Further, Troy said “I share this [news] with much appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to serve the residents, the staff, and the Ashland community.  Over the years I have been reminded of how special Brethren Care Village is to the community, and have been extremely proud to represent it and hope that I have made at least a small difference in the lives of our residents, staff, and Ashland.”

“Troy’s energy, industry insights, and his commitment to ongoing improvement will be missed.  The Board of Directors is forming a search committee which will be devoted to finding a successor that will bring the same, or greater, level of dedication to ongoing improvement and a deep level of care for the wonderful residents of BCV.  We wish Troy nothing but blessings as he leaves us to be closer to his family.”  Neil Hinkle, Board of Directors Chair