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Real Stories, Real Impact

Tina Chandler

Bradford House Coordinator

At Brethren Care Village, we are proud to highlight the stories of exceptional individuals who embody our commitment to providing compassionate senior care. Tina Chandler’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of dedication and passion in creating a meaningful career.

A Calling to Serve

Tina’s journey with BCV commenced 6.5 years ago when she joined as a Homemaker at our Bradford Houses. Her connection with our community deepened during a job shadowing opportunity at Bradford Houses, where she witnessed the profound difference senior care could make in people’s lives. In that brief window, Tina realized she had discovered a path that resonated deeply with her desire to contribute to the well-being of others.

Embracing Daily Joys

For Tina, every day at BCV brings unique interactions that reinforce her commitment. Observing a resident’s smile upon her arrival or providing assistance that profoundly impacts their lives are moments that solidify her decision to work here. The joy she imparts and the connections she forges exemplify the heartwarming atmosphere that envelops Brethren Care Village.

A Journey of Growth and Fulfillment

BCV has not only enriched Tina’s professional journey but also transformed her on a personal level. The knowledge that she is enhancing the lives of our residents brings her immense fulfillment. Emotionally and professionally, Tina feels blessed to contribute to the well-being of our residents during their later years. Her growth within BCV’s supportive environment highlights the organization’s commitment to nurturing its team members’ potential.

A Sanctuary of Care and Compassion

What sets Brethren Care Village apart, according to Tina, is its unwavering dedication to residents’ welfare. BCV’s continual evolution aligns with the changing times while preserving the familiarity and comfort cherished by our residents. The institution’s compassion extends to its staff members, creating an environment of care and appreciation across every corner of the campus.

BCV’s approach to memory care particularly stands out. Unlike other facilities, BCV ensures residents living with dementia experience a sense of home and safety instead of a sterile environment. This commitment resonates deeply with Tina, exemplifying BCV’s innovative and compassionate approach to senior care.


Aspiring individuals who share Tina’s passion for enriching lives are encouraged to explore the meaningful opportunities at Brethren Care Village. In this nurturing community, they can embark on a transformative journey, fostering connections and impacting lives in profound ways.

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