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Lyvennia Sigler

Director of Health Services for Belmont Tower

Brethren Care Village is proud to celebrate the dedicated individuals who make a profound impact in senior care. Lyvennia Sigler’s 15-year journey with BCV is a testament to unwavering commitment and remarkable growth within our community.

Embracing the BCV Path

Lyvennia’s voyage with BCV commenced 15 years ago as a PRN LPN. Her entry into senior care was marked by a desire for experience rather than a clear path. This humble beginning, however, laid the foundation for a transformative journey.

Nurturing Bonds and Memories

Throughout her time at BCV, Lyvennia’s interactions with residents have illuminated her path. One poignant memory stands out – a resident’s journey of recovery through therapy, an experience that solidified her dedication. Moments like these reaffirmed her choice to be part of BCV’s compassionate mission.

From Growth to Leadership

Lyvennia’s story encompasses not only personal growth but also leadership evolution. From a new graduate to the Director of Health Services for Belmont Tower, her journey epitomizes BCV’s commitment to nurturing talents within its ranks. Building relationships and overseeing the nursing department were unexpected achievements that enriched her career.

The BCV Difference

Lyvennia’s journey is anchored in BCV’s unique compassion. A shared commitment to residents’ well-being and happiness during their golden years sets BCV apart. The collective aspiration to ensure residents enjoy their lives forms the heart of the BCV experience.

Continuing the Journey

Lyvennia’s trajectory mirrors BCV’s ethos of growth, empathy, and holistic care. Her evolution from a PRN LPN to a Director symbolizes the abundant opportunities BCV offers to those who dedicate themselves. Her journey echoes the transformative power of BCV in shaping lives – both of its team members and the cherished residents they serve.

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