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Kelly Helman

Full-Time Life Enrichment Assistant

At Brethren Care Village, we take pride in sharing stories of our exceptional team members who embody our commitment to enriching the lives of our residents. Kelly Helman’s journey is a shining example of devotion and unwavering dedication, demonstrating how a passion for senior care can shape a fulfilling career.

Embracing a Meaningful Path

Kelly’s connection with BCV dates back to 1990 when she began as a Resident Companion. After exploring roles in medical offices that left her unfulfilled, Kelly discovered her true calling in senior care. Despite initial uncertainties, she soon found immense joy in her work. With a commendable history of service spanning 15 years, including time at the Health Care Center and Brookwood Place, Kelly took a temporary pause to embrace motherhood. Her return in 2010, as a full-time Life Enrichment Assistant, marked a pivotal moment in her journey.

Nurturing Heartwarming Bonds

Throughout her years at BCV, Kelly has forged profound connections with residents. One heartwarming memory stands out – during her time as an aide at Brookwood on the third shift, a fellow resident took it upon herself to ensure Kelly’s daughter was cared for while she worked. This compassionate gesture resonated deeply, highlighting the close-knit community that thrives within our walls.

A Journey of Growth

Kelly’s journey extends beyond the professional realm, impacting her personally in ways she holds dear. Making a difference in the lives of our residents fuels her sense of accomplishment. Her years at BCV have cultivated friendships that transcend age, and she proudly refers to her fellow team members as some of her dearest friends. As a Life Enrichment Assistant, Kelly finds fulfillment in witnessing the joy she brings to our residents, contributing to their meaningful and vibrant lives.

Championing Enrichment

Kelly’s journey mirrors BCV’s ethos of holistic enrichment. Her trajectory, from Resident Companion to full-time Life Enrichment Assistant, signifies the immense opportunities that BCV provides for growth and fulfillment. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and dedication within our close-knit community.

Aspiring team members seeking to embark on a rewarding journey of impact and growth are invited to explore Brethren Care Village. Here, amidst a community driven by care and camaraderie, they might uncover their true purpose, much like Kelly did.

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