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Real Stories, Real Impact

Wendy Hinkle

Nursing Department Crew Leader (First Shift)

At Brethren Care Village, we are privileged to share stories of dedicated individuals whose commitment to senior care shines through their journey. Wendy Hinkle’s path is a testament to the profound impact that compassion and dedication can have on both our team and the lives we touch.

Answering the Call

Wendy’s journey at BCV began 12 years ago when she joined as an STNA at Belmont Tower. Her desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives led her to embrace the role of a caregiver. The ability to bring a smile to someone’s face, she found, is a source of true happiness and fulfillment.

Every Interaction Matters

Memorable interactions with residents continually reaffirm Wendy’s choice to work at BCV. She recalls instances like helping a resident get dressed and prepare breakfast, bringing unexpected tears of gratitude. Residents often express how her warm and cheerful presence brightens their day. These moments are poignant reminders of the profound impact she has on their lives.

A Journey of Growth and Understanding

Working at BCV has been more than a profession for Wendy; it’s been a transformative experience. Interacting with the elderly has taught her invaluable life lessons. Recognizing the brevity of life, she has found a deeper appreciation for the small joys. Wendy’s connection with the residents and their families has enriched her life in unforeseen ways, fostering personal growth beyond measure.

A Sense of Belonging

What sets Brethren Care Village apart, in Wendy’s view, is the strong sense of family that pervades the community. From different buildings on campus to various departments, she has always felt embraced by a supportive family environment. Unlike previous work experiences, Wendy thrives in an atmosphere where collaboration and resident well-being take precedence. Her opinions are valued and considered, contributing to a harmonious work environment that resonates with BCV’s commitment to care.

For those drawn to making a genuine impact and seeking a nurturing professional journey, the opportunities at Brethren Care Village are a pathway to meaningful connections and personal growth.

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