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Amber Howell

Marketing Coordinator

At Brethren Care Village, we are privileged to witness the transformative journeys of our team members, as they find their calling in the field of senior care. One shining example is Amber Howell, whose 6-year adventure at BCV showcases unwavering dedication and an inspiring commitment to our residents.

Embracing the BCV Family

Amber’s journey at BCV began right after high school, where she found herself searching for her path in the workforce. Hired as a dietary aide, she took her first steps into the world of senior care, unsure of where the journey would lead. Little did she know that she would find her true passion within the walls of Brethren Care Village.

Building Lasting Connections

Over the years, Amber’s dedication and genuine care for our residents shone brightly in countless interactions. For her, it’s the heartwarming relationships she built with residents that truly reaffirmed her decision to work at BCV. Creating meaningful connections and making a positive difference in their lives became her driving force, and every smile exchanged became a cherished memory.

A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth

At the beginning of her time at BCV, Amber was incredibly shy, but the supportive community and nurturing environment brought her out of her shell. As she immersed herself in various roles, from dietary aide to receptionist, her passion for working with seniors grew exponentially. Amber’s incredible journey of growth culminated in her current role as our Marketing Coordinator, a testament to her dedication and the belief BCV has in nurturing its team members.

The BCV Difference

For Amber, Brethren Care Village holds a special place in her heart as it marks her very first job experience. Throughout her tenure, she has built strong friendships with her coworkers, creating a supportive and uplifting work atmosphere. BCV’s commitment to its team members’ growth and success has been evident at every step of Amber’s journey, as she flourished and progressed through different departments.

Aspiring team members looking to make a meaningful difference and embark on their own transformative journey are invited to explore Brethren Care Village. Here, amidst an exceptional community of care, friendships, and professional growth, they may discover their true calling, much like Amber did.

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