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Kyleah Galbraith

Programming & Development Manager

At Brethren Care Village, we have the privilege of witnessing incredible journeys and remarkable growth among our dedicated team members. One shining example is Kyleah Galbraith, whose inspiring story embodies the spirit of compassion and dedication that defines our community.

A Heartwarming Beginning

Eight years ago, Kyleah embarked on her BCV journey as a senior in high school. At the time, she saw an opportunity for a part-time role in our kitchen that would align perfectly with her school schedule. Little did she know that this decision would pave the way for an exceptional career in senior care.

A Path of Discovery and Friendship

Kyleah’s warmth and genuine care for others quickly shone through in every interaction. Working in various departments, she found immense joy in connecting with our cherished residents and fellow staff members. One heartfelt moment stands out during her early days at BCV: when a resident received difficult news and found solace in Kyleah’s comforting presence. Their bond grew, and Kyleah realized the profound impact she could make by being part of a supportive community, where kindness and compassion knew no bounds.

Another special encounter solidified Kyleah’s belief that BCV was more than just a workplace; it was a place of destiny. Upon meeting a resident, they discovered an unexpected connection through shared family ties and mutual acquaintances. This heartwarming encounter reinforced the sense of belonging that has become synonymous with the BCV experience.

A Journey of Growth and Gratitude

Throughout her eight-year tenure, Kyleah’s personal and professional growth has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting in the kitchen, she expanded her horizons, embracing roles in the activities department, as an aide, a crew leader, marketing assistant, and fundraising coordinator. Today, we are proud to call her our Programming and Development Manager.

The BCV community provided the nurturing environment she needed to flourish, supported by colleagues she considers her “work moms” and a team that encourages her at every step. Beyond her career advancement, Kyleah found profound connections with our residents, their families, and discovered a deeper spiritual connection.

The BCV Difference

When reflecting on her journey, Kyleah highlights the undeniable magic that sets Brethren Care Village apart. Despite preconceived notions about senior care facilities, Kyleah’s experience has been nothing short of joyful and fulfilling. Laughter echoes through the halls, and every day brings meaningful connections with residents who have become part of her extended family.

At BCV, we invite all aspiring team members to explore our vibrant community, to participate in game nights, or simply take a tour to experience the heartwarming atmosphere we offer. It may just be the beginning of a life-changing journey, much like Kyleah’s, where every day is filled with purpose, compassion, and the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the lives of those we serve.

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